American Coronation - Farewell to the chief
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
January 21, 2009

American coronation

Now that the historic inauguration of the 44th president, Barack Obama is over, some would say that his political organization, his most fervent supporters and the obsessed media turned the election transition into a new level of power in the presidency tantamount to the coronation of a king of America.

History tells us that such a kingdom was offered to George Washington when he, our founding fathers and the first Americans defeated King George and England in the Revolutionary War. Of course, Washington wisely turned it down in favor of the first of its kind constitutional republic. A representative democracy with all political power inherent in the people.

Contagious excitement and great expectations aside, this historical turning point places even more responsibility upon President Obama, simply because no matter how much faith people have in him, he must either perform as expected in these perilous times compounded by turbulent economics, or endure great disappointments. Hopefully, for all our sake, he will succeed.

Farewell to the chief

For eight long years, President Bush was subjected to disparaging hate from the far Left, partisan attacks, and unrelenting criticism from the biased news media. Yet, in the face of daily adversity, he endured it all without blame or complaint, and performed his duties and responsibilities with faith and determination.

During the time leading up to and including the historical presidential transfer of power to our 44th president, Barack Obama, President Bush was unwavering in his simple dignity, consideration, compassion, honor and integrity.

Indeed, the two-term 43rd president of the United States proved that the content of his character was truly dedicated to serving his country and the American people. He protected us and he has surely earned the appreciation of a grateful nation.