The Worldwide Rule of Judges
Author: Robert H. Bork
Publisher: American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
September 2003

>From the Publisher
"In Coercing Virtue, former U.S. solicitor general and author Robert H. Bork examines the usurpation of representative government by judicial activism in the United States, Canada, Israel, and through new institutions of international law such as the International Criminal Court." "Bork's work examines the history of judicial review, from its beginnings as a tool to protect essential freedoms to its current role as a device used by judges to constrain the fundamental freedoms that constitutional governments were designed to protect. In the United States, the fundamental question for practitioners of the law has become not what the Constitution means - as defined by its text, history, and structure - but rather what judges will say about it." Coercing Virtue follows the constitutional adventures of the United States Supreme Court and the rise of judicial activism in other Western nations and in international courts and forums.