How the New York Times Distorts the News and Why It Can No Longer Be Trusted

Author: Bob Kohn
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
August 2003

From the Publisher
A life-long reader of the New York Times proves how the once-vaunted newspaper has replaced its original noble mission to present straight news with a new subversive mission to manipulate attitudes and promote leftist agendas. For over a hundred years, the New York Times has purported to present straight news and hard facts. But, as Bob Kohn shows with absolute clarity, the founders' original vision has been hijacked, and today, instead of straight news, readers are given mere editorial under the pretense of objective journalism. Kohn shows point by point the methods by which the Times' mission has been subverted by the present management-routinely slanting the presentation of the facts in leads, headlines, and placement; utilizing polls, labels, and loaded language to convey particular views, not genuine news; and staffing the newsroom with hacks who manipulate information to further a leftist agenda. Kohn shows how such fraudulence directly corrupts hundreds of news agencies across the world; and by revealing all their methods of manipulation, he teaches readers how to decipher the slants in even the subtlest of cases, providing an entertaining and enlightening lesson in fraud-busting.

About The Author:
Bob Kohn is an attorney and seasoned executive with experience in both the entertainment and high-tech industries. He is currently the vice chairman of the board of Borland Software Corp. and chairman of, a comedy record label. A former associate attorney at a prominent Beverly Hills entertainment law firm, Kohn served as associate editor of the Entertainment Law Reporter. Kohn also co-authored with his father the legal treatise, Kohn on Music Licensing, hailed by USA Today as the "bible of legal issues in the music world."

DDC Comment:
The Los Angeles Times has become the equivalent in "journalist fraud" on the West Coast, as clearly evidenced by how the L.A. Times blatantly manipulated the news, voter polls, defended California Governor Gray Davis against his recall, and mercilessly attacked replacement candidate, Arnold Schwarzenneger at the 11th hour. Fortunately, democracy is still alive in California. Davis was recalled and Schwarzenneger was elected governor by significant margins. And the Los Angeles Times made no apology for ignoring the will of the people and trying to decide an election.