letter from Jim Blevins:

December 18, 2003

While I support a drastic change in our government to accommodate direct democracy, I also realize that too large a percentage of the people are happy with the status quo. It may not be possible to get them to support something as scary as an amendment. To get things started we need a middle of the road candidate who promises to cast his ballot on every issue according to registered public opinion at the courthouse. If just one person wins an election under those premises then direct democracy can be demonstrated to give the common person a real voice.

DDC response:

Real democracy will probably start at the local government level, in cities and counties. The Internet has already caused small local governments to do polls and surveys regarding what the people want from city councils, and what the people think about city council proposals. Local government voting networks will probably begin in the same manner. Urging local government representatives and candidates to adopt the idea of direct democracy is a strong step in accomplishing the change that is needed. Thank you for your ideas and suggestions. That is what direct democracy is all about.