Why don't we all have a recall

Re: "Why don't we all have a recall"
By Bill Maher
L.A. Times Opinion September 9, 2005
(curiously missing from the L.A. Times website, or there would be a link to the commentary)

Recall Bill Maher

Bill Maher's feeble hatchet work about recalling President Bush is not cute, not satire, not funny, and it's certainly not political commentary. It's simply reprehensible drivel and gutter politics from a so-called comedian who thinks he's clever enough to be taken seriously, not unlike the likes of Al Franken, Michael Moore and others of their ilk.

Maher is in his element preaching to the liberal choir on his HBO show or doing stand-up comedy. However, the majority of people are not so inclined, which is an insult to our intelligence. The Times can do much better, such as anyone with social, political and economic credentials -- an ordinary informed voter, for example.

California voters recall incompetent elected officials, as in former Democratic Governor Gray Davis, regardless of biased news media and the rants of the radicals who railed against overturning an election. So why should we recall President Bush, even if we could, when we elected him twice? He's doing a good job despite the winds of hateful propaganda constantly blowing against him. It's called, "character," something Mr. Maher is sorely lacking.

Daniel B. Jeffs, founder