How media bias hurts us

How media bias hurts us
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
November 3, 2008

Throughout our history, a constitutionally protected free press has been our ally and most valued source of information. Information that we must count on in our lives and to protect our freedom. However, when the media -- as we call it now -- abandons its objectivity and exercises social, political or economic partisanship or bias -- as it has done many times throughout history -- the media abdicates its responsibility to the people.

America simply cannot remain free without abiding by constitutional limits on government and a free press. Whenever either one or both of them are out of balance, the danger of losing our freedom persists.

The media has become the irresponsible medium of fear and anxiety by obsessing on crime, social and political issues, and the economy. Being biased against the Bush administration, the media relentlessly attacked the president over the war in Iraq with negative reporting. As the feeding frenzy over the presidential election increased and the economy worsened, media bias shifted attention away from Iraq and exacerbated the economic decline. Negative reporting focused on the Republican Bush administration, when in fact congressional Democrats were the root cause of the housing meltdown that started the collapse of the mortgage/financial industry.

Unfortunately, we are now approaching what appears to be the apex of government intrusion and damaging media bias, which hurts us. Our culture has morphed into a more superficial society of instant gratification, amoral entertainment, social aggression, political/academic indoctrination, the collapse of education, costly regulations, economic stress, media-driven chaos, selfish interests and extremes. The saturation coverage and biased support of the media's candidate was clearly manifested in the 2008 presidential election, regardless of the outcome.

Alas, we're in real trouble. It's like we were seduced, allowed it to happen, let it go, or never saw it coming. But it did, and as Walter Cronkite used to say, "that's the way it is." Question is, what do we do now? Be Americans and make it right.