October 1, 2003

As the media continues to fawn over former co-presidents Bill and Hillary Clinton, let us not forget that they were undoubtedly the worst presidency of the 20th century. Indeed, let us count some of the irresponsible ways that they helped our country to become a worse America, vulnerable to attack -- keeping in mind that, other than fooling around, Bill Clinton did little or nothing without Hillary's approval, mostly at her command.

The Clintons started out with a triple whammy. First they surrounded themselves with an administration of inept political ideologues and scurrilous political advisors, followed by a huge tax increase and the first attack on the World Trade Center, which they simply treated as a crime, not a terrorist attack. Bill Clinton didn't even visit the scene, and he continually refused to meet with his Director of the CIA.

As leaders of the self-absorbed "me generation" -- the revolutionary generation that launced the drug culture and eroded society with social aggression, political terrorism, legal anarchy, selfish interests and superficial extremes -- the Clinton list of irresponsibilty goes on from there:

  1. The Clintons did nothing to counter nearly a decade of stock market madness and corporate corruption that undermined the economy on their watch and wiped-out millions of investors and personal retirement accounts.
  2. The Clintons did nothing to rehabilitate the systemic decay that turned public education into factories of political correctness indoctrination and ignorance and warehouses of undisciplined violence resulting in kids killing kids in schools.
  3. The Clintons did nothing to prevent the decline of relationships, family and the spread of sex, drugs and violence in the entertainment industry.
  4. The Clintons did nothing to prevent the needless proliferation of gas-guzzling, high-polluting SUV's that markedly increased our dependence on imported oil.
  5. The Clintons vetoed a bill that would have resulted in oil and natural gas flowing through pipelines from the area in ANWR set aside for oil and gas exploration by President Eisenhower.
  6. The Clintons scored nothing but failures and misadventures in Iraq, Rwanda and Somalia -- and in Bosnia and Kosovo, which was Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's (Hillary's choice) war, which was our former European allies' problem, not ours.
  7. Above all, the Clintons did little to nothing to prevent Osama bin Laden and Al Qaida's terrorist acts against the United States leading to the horrific attack on America...

The only things the Clintons accomplished was to survive removal from office after severely damaging the presidency, and granting a flurry of unworthy pardons -- including the worst tax cheat in history -- just before leaving the White House.

And lest we and the Bush nit-pickers forget, the Clintons are intent on undermining the Bush administration, the war against terrorism, and re-contaminating the people's house when Senator Clinton makes her bid for the presidency, so that they can pick up bringing down America from where they left off. To that voters should say, "Absolutely not." Our survival depends on it.

Daniel B. Jeffs, founder
The Direct Democracy Center