Global Warming and Other Eco-Myths:

How the Environmental Movement Uses False Science to Scare Us to Death
Ronald Bailey (Editor)
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group
September 2002

The modern environmentalist movement began with the publication of three seminal works: Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, Paul Ehrlich's The Population Bomb, and the Club of Rome's The Limits of Growth. These books' dismal vision of a poisoned, overpopulated, polluted, resource-depleted world spiraling downward toward environmental collapse are today's conventional wisdom. According to a number of respected scientists, however, leaders of the environmental movement are guilty of twisting-and sometimes manufacturing-facts in an effort to frighten people into joining their cause. In this eye-opening book, some of the most respected researchers in the country explode the myths behind much of the doom and gloom of today's environmental movement. You will discover how the hysteria about global warming overpopulation, mass extinctions, coming food shortages, biotechnology, energy shortages, and more are grounded not in reason but in false science and fear of progress. Ultimately, the book will show that uniting much of the environmental movement is an agenda that is not so much antipollution as it is antihuman.

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Introduction: The Rise and Eventual Fall of Ideological Environmentalism
Ch. 1 The Global Warming Fiasco 1
Ch. 2 Feeding a World of 10 Billion People: The Miracle Ahead 29
Ch. 3 Population, Resources, and the Quest of "Stabilize Human Population": Myths and Realities 61
Ch. 4 A Century of Environmental Progress and Natural Resource Abundance 93
Ch. 5 Sustainable Development Versus Sustained Development 121
Ch. 6 Chemical Warfare: Ideological Environmentalism's Quixotic Campaign Against Synthetic Chemicals 149
Ch. 7 The Attack on Plant Biotechnology 179
Ch. 8 Avoiding Water Wars 219
Ch. 9 Fueling the Future 243
Ch. 10 The Precautionary Principle's Challenge to Progress 265
Ch. 11 Enclosing the Environmental Commons 293
Benchmarks: The Global Trends That Are Shaping Our World 319
Notes 373
Index 409