THE 2008 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION and what follows will make it painfully clear that freedom and democracy in America are uncertain. Our future is at risk.

First, America has not had a highly qualified president or candidate for president since Ronald Reagan. As governor, Reagan put California back on its feet, then as president he put America back on its feet and won the Cold War. Unfortunately, since Reagan, the people of California and America have had the rugs pulled out from under them by inept, ambitious governors, presidents and legislators who placed personal power ahead of their responsibility to the people.

Second, the abundance of chaos, lies and deceit in the questionable Democratic Party presidential primary election process, is clear and convincing evidence of how the quest for personal power and the power of political parties damage freedom and democracy in America. Too many voters have been either marginalized or simply disenfranchised.

Third, the politically-charged education establishment has betrayed our children by re-constructing history, indoctrinating them with a left-wing socialist curriculum, robbing them of their education, and graduating students who are politically naive and functionally illiterate. Indeed, it is simply unconscionable that over the past few decades our schools have been reduced to factories of ignorance and warehouses of violence.

Fourth, the lynch-mob mentality of the (so-called 'fourth estate') biased news media is a dangerous and glaring example of how those in the news media with a social and political agenda demonize America and those who oppose them. Then they decide elections and public policy.

Fifth, the two-party system is counter to the constitutional intent of the founders and the Constitution makes no provisions for it. Over the years, the two-party system has morphed from healthy political debate into costly primary elections, highly divisive social engineering and the unabated growth and power of government.

It's not necessarily the people involved and elected in the two-party system. Many of them have the most honorable of intentions to serve the people in their districts, states and the country. Unfortunately, the political system of government has become self-corrupting, wherein our elected officials choose personal power over public service. The people, the voters, are simply a means to satisfy their ambitions.

Political party leaders and many others -- down the political ladders to local and state elected officials -- too often demonstrate unabated abuse of power. That's simply not good for us or America.

It is obvious that we would do much better electing well-compensated nonpartisan professional government managers to represent us, and let the voters decide matters of taxation, education and important public policy.

Indeed, the results of this presidential election fiasco should make the idea much more appealing than costly empire-building and divided government houses separated by political aisles of bitterness and self-destruction at our expense.

The news media, along with politicians, the entertainment industry, and the education establishment have lost -- what was once common sense -- to generations of senseless experimentation and self-serving indoctrination.

Whether the indoctrination is called liberal, left-wing or progressive thinking, it is certainly a mind-poisoning mix of bumbling socialism, institutional ignorance and media-driven chaos that is turning America into a superficial society of selfish-interests, social aggression and extremes. Indeed, it comes with a high cost.

For example, Big Oil and most large corporations are owned by many millions of middle-income Americans who are invested in retirement programs and accounts. So why do we shoot ourselves in the money foot with punishing taxes and regulations, and allow others to raise the cost of living for no reason other than believing the false propaganda of extreme environmentalists? It's simply the lack of self-determination and the will to say no.

Reasonable environmentalism and alternative energy resources are good. But when it escalates into prohibiting us from using our own energy resources of oil, coal and natural gas, prohibiting refineries and nuclear energy, it results in promoting economic suicide. With unreasonable, punishing taxes and regulations, coupled with unsustainable ethanol production, we are clearly headed down a dead-end road to economic collapse.

Then there is the frightening matter of turning a blind eye to TERRORISM, which could be the end of us....