Rescuing America from the Media Elite
Author: Bernard Goldberg
Publisher: Warner Books, Incorporated
November 2003

>From the DDC:
Former CBS broadcast journalist Bernard Goldberg is the only journalist with the courage and integrity to expose the rampantly biased news media. And for his efforts -- of simply doing the right thing by writing BIAS and defending the truth -- he has been taking the heat from the media elite, others of their ilk, and the misinformed. But he's not giving up the fight. Goldberg's second book, ARROGANCE takes the truth and doing the right thing a step further, and he offers a solution.

Indeed, it cannot be emphasized enough that instead of being objective truth- givers and watchdogs for the people, the media elite have become a disturbing threat to free speech and democracy. They are unconscionable in advancing their social, political and economic agenda, stifling debate, censoring objectivity and condemning any dissent from their ideology. Goldberg is a hero to those who resist and reject relentless bias in the media. He is a champion of democracy and his books are highly recommended.

>From the Publisher:
The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Bias exposes the culture of narrow-minded elitism in the media-and reveals what must be done to change it. In December of 2001, Emmy Award-winning journalist Bernard Goldberg charged the mainstream media with slanting the news and created a firestorm with his controversial bestseller Bias. Now Goldberg goes beyond identifying the media's partiality and explains how the slanting of the news is all but inevitable in the current climate-and why the media's stars continue to deny the industry's condition. In this fascinating report, Goldberg lays out his rallying cry, unafraid to name names, and prescribes the difficult remedies that must take place if genuinely balanced news is to survive.

Table of Contents
Introduction 1
A (Very) Few Minutes with Andy Rooney 21
File It Under "H" 31
Mauling the Messenger 34
One Cheer for Honesty! 49
Root Causes 52
A Conversation with Tim Russert 78
Barbara Walters, Guardian of Standards 86
A (Black and White) Hollywood Ending 87
Pass the Mashed Potatoes, Please 100
What Liberal Media? Part 1 124
Who Stole Journalism? 127
And the Nobel Prize for Hillary-Gushing Goes To ... 146
Speaking of Sports and a Lot More with Bob Costas 152
What Liberal Media? Part 2 163
Original Sin 165
And Now, the Rest of the Story ... 185
What Liberal Media? Part 3 197
Actually, I Don't Have an Opinion on That 200
You Can't Make This Stuff Up 208
Welcome to the Gulag 209
That's Entertainment! 218
Liberal Bias? Never Mind! 221
Quagmire! 227
Twelve Steps 237

A Final Word 296
Index 301