>From Alastair Green, October 1, 2000

I have a question with regard to a true democracy. How much, or rather how many government offices would disappear? Would the IRS be gone, the Justice Department, etc. On a local level would we even have those departments responsible for road repairs etc. Please let me have this information as soon as possible, as I'm writing a piece on true democracy for school.
Alastair Green

Reply from the DDC

Thank you for your inquiry about true democracy. True, real or direct democracy, as we envision it, is true self-government by the people. It would consist of nonpartisan government and elections. Rather than having a two-party system of politicians as elected representatives, the people would select and elect nonpartisan professional government managers, who would be required to truthfully inform voters so the voters could make informed decisions. The voters would no be required to micro-manage government. Rather, the voters would decide matters of taxation and public policy. And, of course, true (direct) democracy would be accomplished with secure voting networks connected to voter's homes.

It would be up to the voters to decide whether or not there would be changes in government, including the agencies you mentioned, the IRS, Justice Department and local road departments. Nonpartisan direct democracy would not eliminate government, but it would probably limit government to what is necessary for the security and well-being of our country and a stable society. With direct democracy, it is likely that fair taxation such as a flat tax or consumption tax would replace the current tax code. The IRS would still exist, but their function would be reduced. Likewise, the Justice Department and local road departments would remain, just as the Defense Department, State Department and most other essential government offices such as police and fire departments.

Self government by an informed, involved electorate will do much better than the way it is now. Unlimited taxation and growth in government frustrated by partisan wars and a misinformed, uninformed, and manipulated electorate. All we need is for common sense to rise above demagoguery and scare politics. We can do that with true democracy, just as the Athenians did 2500 years ago when they invented democracy.

Reply from Alastair Green

Thank you very much for the information - it was just what I needed.